Kysyin tekoälyltä millä toimialoilla Suomessa on suurin vaihtuvuus työntekijöissä ja kuinka kevyt digitaalinen kaksonen voisi olla siellä hyödyksi?

Ari Kananen Consulting Oy is proud to announce that it is qualified as a reseller of VSight software platforms and just signed a reseller agreement with VSight!

Based on my six years of experience in remote devices and software, I can easily say that VSight is a leading software company in its field, offering highly innovative and user-friendly solutions for remote support and training.

I am excited to now offer my clients VSight’s unique software, which is designed to precisely meet their business needs and help them organize high-quality remote support services for their own customers, as well as for their own organization.

I also want to ensure that my clients are always one step ahead of their competitors, and this new partnership with VSight helps me do just that. I am committed to providing my clients with only the best possible solutions for remote support and training needs, and this new collaboration is a great example of that.

If you want to know more about how VSight’s software can help you organize high-quality remote support services, feel free to contact me. I am ready to help you achieve your goals and grow your business with this new tool!



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